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All-round solutions and services are provided for the customers before, during and after sale, which is considered as the most important core competitiveness for Orient Machinery. With years' experiences, we can work out the appropriate and optimal solutions after communicating directly with customers.

When the film line is assembled and ready for shipment, our technicians will modulate the whole set of the line to ensure that it is trouble-free and meets all the technical specifications according to the international management system. During the sale, our technicians will install machines on-site and provide training for the operational technicians. The training program is discussed and arranged according to the needs of customers.

Orient Machinery provides the one-year guarantee of the machine, and offers maintenance during the whole lifetime. In case of any problem, the customers can have immediate access to technical supports and repair guide, and the replacement parts will be delivered upon request.

Main Products
    1. Multi-layer Cast Film LineThe multi-layer cast film line uses co-extrusion to optimize film performance for hygiene, medical and packaging applications. It offers many options, such as 2-layer, 3-layer and 5-layer co-extruded film structure. The number of co-extrusion layers depends on the market need.
    1. Perforated Film Line The perforated film machine produces micro-perforated film by using polyethylene. In process, the melt resin coming out of extrusion die is formed into film, with vacuum perforated process completed at the same time. The micro-hole has three dimensional, uniform and funnel shape, which keeps air and water permeable with little return...