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Perforated Film Line

The perforated film machine produces micro-perforated film by using polyethylene. In process, the melt resin coming out of extrusion die is formed into film, with vacuum perforated process completed at the same time. The micro-hole has three dimensional, uniform and funnel shape, which keeps air and water permeable with little return. Moreover, the perforation pattern can be diversified and adjustable to meet the market needs.

The raw materials of the perforated film machine are usually HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, producing film with the weight ranging from 16 to 50gsm and net width from 1000mm to 2000mm. The diversified perforation patterns include round, triangle, square, pentagon, double perforation or other patterns upon request of the customers.

Line Layout

The perforated film machine is widely used for hygiene, packaging and agricultural applications, including top sheet of sanitary napkin, baby diaper and food packaging for cheese cloth, meat absorbent pad, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model No. DF90-1400 DF110-1800 DF120-2000
Screw Diameter Ф90mm Ф110mm Ф120mm
Screw L/D 36:1 36:1 36:1
Die Width 1700mm 2100mm 2300mm
Film Width 1400mm 1800mm 2000mm
Film Weight 16-50gsm 16-50gsm 16-50gsm
Production Speed 30-50m/min 30-50m/min 30-50m/min

1. The perforated film machine features with its excellent absorption speed of liquids like water and blood.
2. The holes in uniform shape of three dimensions enable permeability of water and air.
3. The perforation patterns are various and can be customer-made.
4. The on-line nonwoven laminate is optional to have perforated composites.

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Vaccum Perforated Film Line

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