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TPU Cast Film Line

Product introduction
The TPU cast film line is mainly used for production of TPU hot melt adhesive film, TPU composite film and TPU highly transparent film. This line takes TPU particles of high and low temperature as the raw material. This one line serves several purposes. It can produce various transparent and nontransparent TPU film.
This TPU cast film line is equipped with release paper unwinding device which can realize fully automatic production. The film winding adopts see-through paper tube. The unique online cutting device and tape free winding can save more production cost. The extrusion die head features high control precision and the extruder features superior performance. The line configuration can be customized according to the requirements of the customers, thus satisfying the personal demanding of our customers.

The TPU cast film can be widely used in the following fields:
1) Clothing industry: gluing and laminating of the material of gym suits, swimsuits, underwear, shoes and hats;
2) Medical industry: material of surgical gown, surgical gloves, bed sheet and mattress etc.;
3) Umbrella, handbag, suitcases, tent, sports equipment etc.;
4) Automobile interiors and building materials.

Technical parameters
Type Screw diameter Width of the die head Net width of the product Product thickness Machine speed
FME120-1600 ¢120mm 1900mm 1600mm 0.02-0.15mm 180m/min
FME125-2000 ¢125mm 2300mm 2000mm 0.02-0.15mm 180m/min
FME135-2500 ¢135mm 2800mm 2500mm 0.02-0.15mm 180m/min

The TPU cast film line has the following features:
1) The width of the product can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. The max width can be up to 3000mm.
2) All the rollers which will directly contact with the TPU film are coated with Teflon.
3) The thickness of the film is quite uniform.
4) The line can be equipped with release paper unwinding device.
5) The winding device can be equipped with air shaft of different specifications.

Related Names:
TPU film machine, TPU laminating film machine, cast film line for TPU film, TPU film production line, TPU film plant

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