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PETG Shrink Film Line

Introduction to the PETG Shrink Film Line
PETG is a transparent thermoplastic material with outstanding thermo formability, high clarity and excellent impact resistance. PETG shrink film is made by the process of machine-direction orientation. Thanks to its unique properties, PETG shrink film has great advantages over PVC shrink film, and also is able to replace BOPET film in some fields. The PETG shrink film extrusion machine is used for label materials for bottles, cans, similar containers and electric cable and insulation materials packaging.

1) Label materials for bottles, cans, and similar containers. It is the best label for PET bottles because of eco-friendly recycling purpose.
2) Materials for cosmetics, textile, electric components and pharmaceutical packaging
3) Materials for electric cable and insulation material packaging

Features of the PETG Shrink Film Line
1) Hi-performance auto T die for PETG properties
2) Air knife and hi-performance chill roller
3) Automatic film thickness controlling
4) On-line flaw detecting system
5) MDO unit with hot-oil recycling systems
6) Smart centralized line control

Technical Parameters of the Shrink Film Machine
1) Net Film Width: 1000-3000mm (the size of the PET film machine is optional in this range)
2) Film Thickness: 0.03-0.08mm
3) Film Shrinkage: up to 70%
4) Film structure: mono-layer or multi-layer

Related Names:
Shrink film extrusion line, shrink film machine, PETG shrink film extrusion machine, PET film machine

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