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Monofilament Extrusion Line

By using raw materials of PET, PA, PE and PP, the monofilament extrusion line is provided for lots of applications such as brush, broom, fishing line and net, ropes, sewing and zipper thread, ect. The monofilament production process mainly follows the steps of extrusion, forming, stretching, heat setting and winding.

To meet various needs of end-use products, different winding systems are then offered. Flange winder is more often used for making brush and broom, bobbin winder is frequently applied for textile such as sewing thread; and spool winder is crucial for producing fishing line. Therefore, the monofilament extrusion line is popular for its user-friendly operation and reliable performance.

Technical Parameters
Model No. SJ65 SJ75 SJ90
Screw Diameter Ф65mm Ф75mm Ф90mm
Screw L/D 1:33 1:33 1:33
Die Diameter 160mm 200mm 200mm
Extrusion Capacity max 60kg/h max 80kg/h max 250kg/h
Monofilament Dia. 0.10-2.0mm 0.10-2.0mm 0.10-2.0mm
Installed Power Appr. 150kw Appr.180kw Appr.240kw
Line layout

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Monofilament Extrusion Machine

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