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CPP Cast Film Line

High-quality cast polypropylene film (CPP film) is produced by the cast polypropylene/CPP film line for a wide range of packaging applications. Featured with auto thickness controlling system and efficient chill roll, the line produces CPP film of high transparency with very low gauge variation, which is ideal for laminating and metalizing. The 3-layer and 5-layer CPP films are the most popular in the market.

The cast polypropylene/CPP film line mainly provides film with thickness ranging from 0.02mm to 0.15mm. The commonly used raw materials are polypropylene, Homo or Copo and the film structure available are1-layer, 3-layer, or 5-layer film.

Line layout

The cast polypropylene/CPP film line can serve extensively in packaging for processed food and bakery products, pharmaceutical, confectionery, stationery, apparel, cosmetics, DVD cases and flowers. Additionally, it is used as lamination CPP film for the heat seal layer along with BOPP or polyester film in one laminate and metalized CPP film with co-polymer or homo-polymer to meet the particular needs of the customers.

Technical Parameters
Model No. FMC65/110/65-1600 FMC65/125/65-2000 FMC90/135/90-2500
Screw Dia. Ф65mm/Ф110mm/Ф65mm Ф65mm/Ф125mm/Ф65mm Ф90mm/Ф135mm/Ф90mm
Screw L/D 34:1 34:1 34:1
Die Width 2000mm 2400mm 2900mm
Film Width 1600mm 2000mm 2500mm
Film Thickness 0.02-0.150mm 0.02-0.150mm 0.02-0.150mm
Line Speed 250m /min 250m /min 250m /min
Remarks: The film width and layers of film are upon your request.

1. The cast polypropylene/CPP film line offers various coextruded film structure from one layer to five layers with different options of film width.
2. The air knife and high performance chill roller are also specialized for highly efficient production.
3. The automatic film thickness controlling and auto film winding are equipped.
4. The in-line edge trim and recycling will then greatly reduce the production cost.

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