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Breathable Film Line

With the same extrusion process as other cast film lines, the cast breathable film line is particularly equipped with the MDO (Machine Direction Orientator) unit. Filled with approximately 50% percentage of CaCO3, the film is stretched by MDO unit to make micro pores inside. The high-density micro pores in the film allow the transmission of gas or water vapor but prevent the liquid flow, thus having the name "breathable film".

The raw materials of the cast breathable film line cover LDPE, LLDPE, CaCO3, color masterbatch, making the film with the weight ranging from 16 to 50gsm and net width from 1200mm to 3000mm. The embossing of the film is also optional.

Line Layout

The textile-like hand feeling of the breathable film makes it an ideal back sheet for diaper, sanitary napkin. Additionally, it can also be used for other fields such as medical dressings and roof underlay, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model No. FMB135-1600 FMB150-2200 FMB180-3000
Screw Diameter Ф135mm Ф150mm Ф180mm
Screw L/D 36:1 36:1 36:1
Die Width 2300mm 2800mm 3600mm
Film Width 1600mm 2200mm 3000mm
Film Thickness 0.02-0.20mm 0.02-0.20mm 0.02-0.20mm
Line Speed 150m /min 150m /min 150m /min

1. Instead of traditional water heating, the MDO unit for our cast breathable film line is equipped with oil heating system.
2. The MDO unit adopts horizontal stretching method which is better than vertical stretching.
3. On-line deep embossing is optional.
4. On-line nonwoven lamination function is optional.

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