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Paper Extrusion Coating Line

The paper coating and laminating line is equipped with high-performance extruder, T Die, chill rolls, and fully-automatic unwinder and rewinder. The extruder coats PE polymer materials onto paper or paper board, and make PE + paper composite without using any glue. The line can also be equipped with 2 extruders, to make double-sided coating.

In extrusion coating and laminating, the PE resin melted and formed into a thin hot film is coated onto a moving substrate of paper, paper board. The coated substrate then passes between a set of counter-rotating rolls, pressing the coating onto the substrate for complete contact and adhesion.

Applications of the Paper Extrusion Coating Line
The typical application of paper coating machine or paper laminating machine will be paper cup, paper bowl, paper can, paper bag, release paper and other stuff for packaging industry.

Technical Parameters of the Extrusion Coating Machine for Paper
1) Product width range: 800-2500mm
2) Coating resin: LDPE, LLDPE, EVA
3) Substrates: paper, paper board, white paper, Kraft paper
4) Diameter of unwinding: Φ1200mm
5) Diameter of rewinding: Φ1000mm
6) Line speed: 180m/min

Related Names:
Paper coating machine, paper laminating machine, extrusion coating machine for paper

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