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Pictures of Factory Plant
1. Overlook of Orient Machinery
2. Assembly Workshop

Pictures of Equipment Testing
The whole set of equipment is under test and trouble-shoot before shipment.

Pictures of Loading Products
The line is disassembled for container loading and each part is well tagged and marked.
The machine is fixed into wood pallets with seaworthy packages, to avoid any damage during transit.

As a professional cast film extrusion line manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer multilayer cast film co-extrusion line, coating and laminating line, monofilament extrusion line, cast breathable film line, and much more.

Main Products
    1. Cast Embossed Film LineBy using raw materials of LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP or EVA, the cast embossed film line produces flat or embossed films, which will be applied in hygiene, medicine and packaging industry. Thanks to the extruder and flat T die, which are two optimized designs, the high performance and various features of the line are guaranteed...
    1. Nonwoven Extrusion
      Coating Line
      Paper Extrusion Coating Line Fabric Extrusion Coating Line Extrusion Coating MachineThe extrusion coating machine is equipped with high-performance parts including extruder, chrome-plated chill roll, and fully-automatic unwinder and rewinder. Two or three extruders are also available to realize sandwich or double-sided coating. During the process of extrusion coating, polymer materials are coated onto substrates...