MDO Film Stretching Unit

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MDO Film Stretching Unit

Application of MDO
The MDO film can be applied in the following fields:
1) The gas permeable film of the baby diapers and water-proof air permeable film on the roof.
2) PETG shrink wrap for flexible package, uniaxial stretching PET film, CPP and CPE film.
3) Stone paper.
4) Labels, tapes and some other potential products.

Product introduction
The research and development of MDO film stretching unit was carried out early in 2006. And Orient made technical breakthroughs. The MDO film stretching unit has two optional modes: vertical stretching and horizontal stretching. Meanwhile, we can provide specific configuration according to the requirements of different kinds of film with different kinds of functions. Besides the independent MDO film stretching unit, we can also provide complete solutions for film stretching unit.

Advantages of MDO film stretching unit
The MDO film stretching technology can not only be applied on cast film, it can also be used for film blowing. It can improve the performance of the film or realize some specific functions.
1) This unit can improve the mechanical property of the film: the MDO film stretching unit can effectively improve the tension and stretching ability of the film. It can also give the film the function of easy tearing of specific direction and longitudinal shrinkage ratio.
2) It can improve the optical performance of the film: the MDO film stretching unit can change the transparency, glossiness and extinction value of the film.
3) By adopting this unit, the thickness of the film can be changed: the stretching finished film can be thinner on the base of keeping the same performance. This can help saving production cost.
4) The barrier property of the film can be improved: on the base of the same thickness, the stretching finished film has better oxygen and water barrier property than the film which is not stretched.

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