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Established in 1988, Quanzhou Orient Machinery Company Ltd is located in Quanzhou City, a major industrial city in southeast China. We specialize in manufacturing complete lines of thermoplastic film machinery using advanced technology and decades of industry experience. Our cast film extrusion lines include the cast embossed film line, CPP film line, stretch film machine, perforated film machine, breathable film line, barrier film line, extrusion coating line, special cast film line, and monofilament extrusion line. We offer advanced extrusion equipment which is durable, reliable, and reasonably priced. This has won our products a great reputation both at home and abroad.

Since our foundation, we have undergone several reforms and achieved significant results. We assembled an excellent research and development team to create a complete line of thermoplastic machinery in 1992. Our cast film extrusion line, perforated film machine, and breathable film line were developed in 1998, 2003, and 2006, respectively. Focus then turned to the reduction of energy consumption in 2008. We developed a fourth-generation cast film extrusion line in 2009 and a fifth-generation high-speed cast film extrusion line in 2011.

We now have a staff of 150, including 10 senior engineers, and an advanced assembly workshop of more than 10,000 m2. We understand that consistently providing high quality products is vital to our continued growth, and this is our goal. The design, production, assembly, and inspection of our extrusion coating machine, hot melt glue laminating machine, monofilament extrusion line, and related products are conducted according to the international standard management system. Thanks to our excellent Research and Development team, coupled with our experienced technicians and skilled workers, we put cutting-edge technology and excellent workmanship into practice, making our products consistently successful in the market.

We offer a wide range of products for many fields, such as hygiene, medicine, flexible and industrial packaging, as well as agriculture and construction. Our equipment is manufactured for a wide range of cast film products like the PE back sheet for baby diapers and sanitary napkins, embossed film, CPP film, CPE film, stretch film, cling wrap film, protective film, perforated film, breathable film, barrier film, and laminated film. There is also equipment available for manufacturing brushes, plastic wires of brooms and fishing lines, and more.

A complete marketing network has established us to forge business relationships around the world, and we have established a good reputation with our customers. As a result, our machinery has been exported to more than twenty countries such as America, Italy, Japan, and Public of Korea, etc.

To meet international standards and win the global market, we always strive to improve our machine performance and explore new manufacturing techniques. Our mission at Orient Machinery is to realize mutually beneficial relationships by providing the best cast embossed film line, multilayer film co-extrusion line, and related products, backed by excellent customer service, for clients all over the world.

Main Products
    1. Monofilament Extrusion LineBy using raw materials of PET, PA, PE and PP, the monofilament extrusion line is provided for lots of applications such as brush, broom, fishing line and net, ropes, sewing and zipper thread, ect. The monofilament production process mainly follows the steps of extrusion, forming, stretching, heat setting and winding...
    1. Fabric Extrusion Coating Line
    2. Fabric Extrusion Coating LineThe fabric extrusion coating line is mainly equipped with high performance extruder, high precision extrusion die head, chrome plated cooling roller and high tension control system. This line can directly coat the textile fabric substrate with high temperature heating finished PE resin.