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    1. Nonwoven Extrusion Coating LineThe nonwoven extrusion coating line is equipped with high-performance extruder, chrome-plated chill roll, and fully-automatic unwinder and rewinder. The extruder coats PE polymer materials onto a substrate of nonwoven fabric and make PE + nonwoven composite materials without using any glue.
    1. Paper Extrusion Coating LineThe paper coating and laminating line is equipped with high-performance extruder, T Die, chill rolls, and fully-automatic unwinder and rewinder. The extruder coats PE polymer materials onto paper or paper board, and make PE + paper composite without using any glue. The line can also be equipped with 2 extruders, to make double-sided coating.
    1. Fabric Extrusion Coating Line
    2. Fabric Extrusion Coating LineThe fabric extrusion coating line is mainly equipped with high performance extruder, high precision extrusion die head, chrome plated cooling roller and high tension control system. This line can directly coat the textile fabric substrate with high temperature heating finished PE resin.
    1. Extrusion Coating MachineThe extrusion coating machine is equipped with high-performance parts including extruder, chrome-plated chill roll, and fully-automatic unwinder and rewinder. Two or three extruders are also available to realize sandwich or double-sided coating. During the process of extrusion coating, polymer materials are coated onto substrates...
    1. Hot Melt Glue Laminating MachineThe hot melt glue laminating machine is mainly composed of hot melt glue spray, servo motor-controlled winder and unwinder, servo motion controller, servo automatic rectifying system and human-computer interface control, etc...

Besides the cast film extrusion lines, the compound production line is also provided. There are two options available for the coating and laminating line, including heat coating and laminating and hot melt glue laminating. The customers can make their own choice according to the requirements of the end-use products.

As for the heat coating line, it actually refers to an extrusion coating by coating a substrate with the melt resin coming from extrusion die. The process is running at high speed free from solvent and adhesive. Additionally, various thicknesses of coating can be achieved to satisfy the requirements of the customers. The extrusion coating line is equipped with the following important parts, including extruder, T die, chill roll & press roll, unwinder & rewinder. The cutting-edge technology and extensive experience in cast film line enable us to produce extrusion coating line of high quality as well.

The hot melt glue laminating machine features with its high cost-efficiency since the precise process ensures adequate use of glue adhesive without waste. Moreover, it is reliable and enduring for long-term operation. The machine can find its applications in laminating of PE and nonwoven, laminating of nonwoven and nonwoven, laminating of garment materials and medical use laminating, etc.

Orient Machinery is a specialized coating and laminating line manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including extrusion coating machine, monofilament extrusion line, barrier film extrusion line, perforated film machine and more.

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    1. CPP Cast Film Line High-quality cast polypropylene film (CPP film) is produced by the cast polypropylene/CPP film line for a wide range of packaging applications. Featured with auto thickness controlling system and efficient chill roll, the line produces CPP film of high transparency with limited gauge options, which is ideal for laminating and metalizing...
    1. Barrier Film Extrusion Line The barrier film extrusion line makes barrier film of high quality by combining resins PE, PP, PA, and EVOH with 5 or 7-layer film structure. The automatic T die with edge encapsulation technology results in cost-efficiency and enables the recycling of edge trim. Besides barrier film, the production line is also capable for producing CPP film and CPE film...