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With the development of science and technology, various films begin to play a crucial role in people's everyday life. Our company deals with developing and manufacturing cast film lines of high-performance, and provides various solutions covering different sections, mainly covering flexible packaging, industrial packaging, hygiene and medicine, personal care, electric industry, agriculture and construction, etc.

Line Solution for Film Products
  • Packaging
  • Hygience
  • Medical
  • Agriculture

Machine Installation Worldwide

  • The cast film extrusion line in Japan
  • The perforated film machine in Italy
  • The cast breathable film line in China
  • The cast polypropylene/CPP film line in USA
Main Products
    1. Cast Stretch Film MachineThe cast stretch film machine produces PE stretch film with single-side or double-side adhesive for industrial wrapping. The raw material is mainly LLDPE, blended with some other resins such as mLLDPE. The co-extruded stretch wrapping film of 3 or 5 layers has excellent tensile strength and resistance to puncture and impact...
    1. Breathable Film LineWith the same extrusion process as other cast film lines, the cast breathable film line is particularly equipped with the MDO (Machine Direction Orientator) unit. Filled with approximately 50% percentage of CaCO3, the film is stretched by MDO unit to make micro pores inside. The high-density micro pores in the film allow the transmission...