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Stone Paper Production Line

Product introduction
The stone paper is a kind of synthetic paper of which the production process is grinding the stone into powder and then cementing the powder with PP or PE. The main ingredients of the stone paper is CaCO3. Compared with the traditional wood pulp paper, the production of the stone paper requires no water so the production process is extremely environment friendly. Meanwhile, the stone paper can be replacement of the traditional paper in many fields. It is a latest product which is widely praised.
There are three steps in the production of the stone paper: pelleting, base paper production and paper coating. Among these three steps, the base paper production is the key one. Our equipment adopts the process of tape casting for production. And it can provide best products performance via MDO vertical stretching.
Orient can provide turnkey project according to the requirements of our customers. We can not only provide full set of equipment but also production process and technology training.

The stone paper can be used in the following fields:
1) Printing material: envelope, notebook, business card, poster, brochure, calendar, label and hang tag etc.
2) Packaging products: packing box, packing bag, packing paper etc.
3) Decorative paper: wall paper.
4) Disposable goods: garbage bag, disposable table cloth, shopping bag, food packaging etc.

Technical parameters
Type Product width Product thickness Yield Installed capacity
WS120/90-F2000 1400mm 0.03-0.30mm 500-800kgs 600kw
WS150/110-F2500 1900mm 0.03-0.30mm 800-1200kgs 800kw
WS180/150-F4000 3200mm 0.03-0.30mm 1000-2000kgs 1000kw

The stone paper production line has the following features:
1) The product width can be customized according to the customers’ requirements. The maximum width can be up to 3500mm.
2) There are optional configuration of single screw and double screw, you can choose according to your requirements.
3) You can choose either single layer extrusion or three-layer extrusion.
4) The customers can choose from the optional functions of single directional stretching and double directional stretching.
5) The uniformity of the products can be controlled accurately.

Key words:
Stone paper machine, synthetic film machine

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