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ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate

CE Certificates

  • For perforated film line
  • For cast film line

National Patent Certificates

  • Patent No. 1849683
  • Patent No. 1764959
  • Patent No. 1761859
  • Patent No. 1835137
  • Patent No. 1762311
  • Patent No. 1766382

Orient Machinery is an experienced cast film extrusion line manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including cast embossed film line, perforated film machine, monofilament extrusion line, extrusion coating machine and more.

Main Products
    1. Perforated Film Line The perforated film machine produces micro-perforated film by using polyethylene. In process, the melt resin coming out of extrusion die is formed into film, with vacuum perforated process completed at the same time. The micro-hole has three dimensional, uniform and funnel shape, which keeps air and water permeable with little return...
    1. Hot Melt Glue Laminating MachineThe hot melt glue laminating machine is mainly composed of hot melt glue spray, servo motor-controlled winder and unwinder, servo motion controller, servo automatic rectifying system and human-computer interface control, etc...